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Approximately 19,761 people are living with Bipolar Disorder in the Greater Charleston, SC area.*  Yet, not one Bipolar-specific support group exists.

Your gift makes an expert-led group in a beautiful and safe environment possible.

  • A $10 donation shows people with Bipolar Disorder that you care
  • A $20 donation helps support outreach to let people know that this group exists
  • A $50 donation allows us to have an expert lead meetings and provide valuable insight and resource information
  • A $100 donation covers monthly rent for our beautiful and peaceful space
  • A $3000 donation covers all expenses for an entire year

Please consider giving!  A donation makes a wonderful gift or can honor a loved one. Please help us fight stigma and improve the lives of of those suffering from mental illness in South Carolina. We can’t do it without you!


*There are 761,000 people living in the greater Charleston, SC area (U.S Census Bureau).* Bipolar

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