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My Deep and Sincere Sisters:

You were not made for this.

We humans were not designed for struggle, disease, or sadness. We were not formed to watch people execute mass assassinations, a little boy refugee wash up on a beach, cultural heroes beat their wives and children, and our leaders berate each other when they are supposed to be caring about us.

We were not.

We were made for Eden. But, so that love could be supreme, we were tossed into the unnatural habitat in we currently reside in.*

Yet, we still carry in us who we were made to be. Despite being in hostile territory, we still possess:

Access to God
Who we are
Being Extraordinarily Loved

And if we tap into these things, everything changes for the better.

This is what I want for myself as well as you. And, with God’s leading hand, the presence of the Holy Spirit, the friendship of Christ, and with the thoughtful expression of wisdom from leaders and friends, I intend to provide a path for us to embody these beautiful inherent qualities that already exist within us.

7 Nightingales has gone through some fantastic changes in order make this happen. We have:

  • Become a community of writers and encouragers called The Sistering Alliance
  • Created specific categories for which you can choose to receive encouragement (see sidebar)
  • Actively worked (and are working) to extend service resources for women, including: books, online courses, workshops, meetings, worksheets, articles, videos, and other materials

In order to help us to serve you, to move you forward and deeper towards authentic self, please choose the categories that match you by clicking on the links below or in the sidebar.

And please forward this to any friends or family members that you think would enjoy this path as well. Please click here to do so.

Finally, if you have written something that you want to submit, or have a story to share, please do so. We are a community of women, and that means that each of us, including you, is both a teacher and a learner. Please contact us with your ideas.

I look forward to changing the world with you by being who we were designed to be. Blessings my Deep and Beautiful Sisters. Blessings.

With hope and love,

Kerri K. Yates, CPCC
Certified Life Coach, Faith Advocate, Pursuer of Life

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