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Eyes That See helps women in Ethiopia escape sexual slavery (among other worthy pursuits). Their program is based on inherent human worth and values ‘respectful assertiveness.’ This combination gives me a feeling of strength, love, and unity. And, a desire to do something!

On their page about getting involved, they present a helpful take on making a difference, especially for those of us who feel impotent in the face of so much need. Check it out.

From the site:

“We’ve talked to so many people who feel burdened by Scripture to make an impact on the world, and yet they feel nearly paralyzed by how great the need is.”Where do you start? What good is one person?” We hear those questions all the time. We’ve asked the same ones. For us, it came to a point where the burden of seeing God’s Kingdom transform this world became greater than our fear of not being enough on our own…(click here to continue reading).

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