Our Mission & Vision:

Our Mission & Vision:

Our Mission: We desire to equip and support people so that they can heal, grow and excel during difficult periods and in everyday life. This means providing opportunities for introspection, camaraderie and learning. We also believe that societal change begins with each and every one of us, and so by providing these resources we are equipping our members to have a positive influence on their families and the community as a whole.

Our Vision: To be a Center that equips the Greater Charleston Area to be a flagship community of: Mental and Emotional Health, Life and Career Skillfulness, and Compassionate and Connected People.

Our Brochure: Click Here to See and Print Our Brochure.

Our Values:

  • we believe in universal individual value.
  • we believe that every individual has vast capabilities and the capacity to grow.
  • we believe that everyone has a distinct and vital role on this earth.
  • we believe that authenticity and acceptance of others and oneself generates positive outcomes.
  • we believe that no one should be left to feel alone or hopeless.

Our Name:

  • Seven: Wholeness
  • Nightingales: Birds that sing, even in the dark
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