Our Mission & Vision:

Our Mission & Vision:

Our Story: When I moved to Mount Pleasant in 2011, my family was in the throes of challenging mental and physical ailments. Later, my son was to be diagnosed with difficult-to-treat ADHD. Across these years, I was shocked and dismayed to not be able to locate support groups that matched our needs. For an area this populated and progressive, I found this to be an incredible and unacceptable problem.

With prayer, purpose and an eye for what is possible, I began the 7 Nightingales Center to bridge this chasm; nobody in this area should be alone with life difficulties when there are so many others who share their experiences. We all have hard times, but it is in sharing them, being understood, and gaining knowledge that we find healing and forward movement. We also become sources of safety and hope for others. I want this for myself, and I intend to provide this for all of us.

Our Micro Mission: We desire to equip and support people so that they can heal, grow and excel during difficult periods and in everyday life.

Our Macro Mission: We want to change the Greater Charleston Area’s culture of hiding and aloneness in relation to mental health and life challenges. As we have stepped onto the world stage via tragedies like the Mother Emmanuel Church shooting, it has become clear that this way of being does not match who we are. We still need outlets and community engagement to make this goal a reality.

Our Business Model: We currently run our organizaiton as a nonprofit with a social entrepreneurship arm. We are in the process of applying for legal status as a nonprofit, and so we partner with fiscal sponsors and existing 5013c organizations on behalf of our donors. Our social entrepeneurship branch is designed to offer services that meet community needs, like career coaching and resume writing, while funding the Center’s programs.

Our Name:

  • Seven: Wholeness
  • Nightingales: Birds that sing, even in the dark

Our Values:

  • we believe in universal individual value.
  • we believe that every individual has vast capabilities and the capacity to grow.
  • we believe that everyone has a distinct and vital role on this earth.
  • we believe that authenticity and acceptance of others and oneself generates positive outcomes.
  • we believe that no one should be left to feel alone or hopeless.


  • If a group or workshop has a specific political initiative or religious leaning, we will indicate this in the group title.
  • Being a reflection of our community, the Center will host events from various points of view, with the condition that our values are supported.

Need A Specific Group or Workshop Formed?

  • Please contact us and we will try to form one. We are community responsive.
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