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Are you thinking: “Why is she sending me an email about New Year’s resolutions now?”

Because they are important indicators.

Consider that, according to Time Magazine, the top five resolutions are

  1. lose weight and get fit,
  2. quit smoking,
  3. learn something new,
  4. eat healthier and diet, and
  5. be less stressed.

Yes, these are worthy resolutions (I have even made each one myself), but they indicate an upsetting undercurrent. Can you sense it?  The underlying whisper says: “You aren’t enough. You need to do more, be more, be better.” Do you also hear: “You have to, you should,” and the insidious, “You will be happy when ______.”

Every statement that begins this way stems from a longing that cannot be satisfied by quick fixes, such as starting a new hobby or losing a few pounds.

So this year, let’s try a different idea, one that drops striving, affects our core level, and then naturally yields what we desire in our lives.  Let’s make an un-resolution (and pssst … it’s not what you think).

Stay tuned for “What is an un-resolution” in my next post.

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